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CINT2006 result for Cisco UCS C260 M2 (Intel Xeon E7-2870, 2.40 GHz) base 526 peak CPU(s) enabled 20 cores, 2 chips, 10 cores/chip, 2 threads/core Binaries compiled on RHEL5.5 with binutils-  Ucs C260 M2 Rack Server W/ Document Server · Document Server Hardware · Converter · Converter Hardware More info. 2-E72870 16X 2X4GB DDR IN  (PROMO UCS) UCS C260 M2 Rack Server w/ 2-E72870, 16x 2x4GB DDR (O serviço CON-SNT-C260VCD2 ou superior é recomendado para esse item). CISCO UCS C260 M2 RACK SVR W/ 2-E72870 16X 2X4GB DDR Cisco® UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers extend unified computing and standalone  Type Rackserver - Prosessor Intel Xeon E7-2860 - Maks prosessorer 2 . CISCO UCS C260 M2 RACK SERVER W/ 2-E72870 16X 2X4GB DDR IN PERP CISCO 【保守購入必須】UCS C260 M2 Rack Server w/ 2-E72870 16x 2x4GB DDR UCS-C260M2-VCD2. 詳しくは� ちら. � � � � . CISCO UCS-C260M2-VCD2  DB node 1 DB node 2 DB node 3 DB node 4 ERP . Dynamic provisioning with service profiles and stateless blade server• Unified Fabric low latency • Extreme easy .. Cisco Servers Details Cisco UCS C260 M2 Rack Server SAP S, XS size 2 x 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E7-2870 CPU 256 or 128 GB 1066 MHz  UCS C260 M2 Rack Server w/ 2-E72870, 16x 2x4GB DDR. 50,953.00 2.4 GHz E7-2870 130W 10C / 30M Cache /NoHeatSink. 10,080.00. Cisco UCS E140D - Xeon E5-2418L 2 GHz - 8 GB - 0 GB - with Cisco Cisco UCS C260 M2 Rack-Mount Server - no CPU - 0 MB - 0 GB Cisco UCS Smart Play Bundle B230 Value UC4 - Xeon E7-2870 2.4 GHz - 192 GB - 0 GB. Server Rm Multiprocessor No Processor Ucs C260 M2 Rack Svr W/ 2-e72870 16x 2x4gb Ddr Server Ucs C460 M2 Rack Svr W/O Cpu Mem Hd Pcie. Cisco SMARTnet support for UCS-C260M2-VCD2,UCS-C260M2-VCD2-RF UCS-C260M2-VCD2 UCS C260 M2 Rack Server w/ 2-E72870, 16x 2x4GB DDR  Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers. C22 M3. C24 M3. C220 M3. C240 M3. C420 M3. C260 M2. C460 M2 E7-2870 (10 c, 2.40). E7-4807 1 TB 7.2K, 2 TB 7.2K, 3 TB 7.2K SAS and 500 GB 7.2 SATA SFF MegaRAID SAS 9271CV-8i with. 1PSU DUAL-6-CORE 1GBE 146GB DAS IN, 24977,52 € netto 20989,51 €. UCS C260 M2 RACK SERVER W (Bestellnr. 677R239-0) 2-E72870 16X 2X4GB  The Cisco C260 M2 is a 2RU form factor rack server from the Cisco C-series family, Xeon E7-2870 (2.4GHz) Power ranges from Intel Xeon E7-2803 (105 W) to FCoE CNA Emulex 10Gb 2 Port CNA Broadcom 57810 10Gb A0-FEX SFP . YES CERTIFIED with the following products Cisco UCS C260 M2 Rack Mount Server CPU 2 Intel Xeon® Processor E7-2870 2.40 GHz.


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